Introduction to Assently LiveID

Assently LiveID allows your users to securely indentify themselves using electronic identification (eID), with Assently CoreID as it’s foundation allowing you to give the best experience possible to your customers without any of the hassle.

There are two ways of using LiveID, either via the GUI through or by integration to make it part of your existing system.

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How does it work?

LiveID securely communicates with our servers which handle the integrations with the different eID Providers. Check out our quick start guide to see how to get started with LiveID via API.


The supported languages are the following languages:

  • English
  • Finnish
  • Norwegian
  • Danish
  • Swedish

The LiveID integration guide.

Received your account secrets and ready to go? Below you can find the urls for both test and production.

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API docs

Examples of requests and respones along with parameter descriptions can be found at:


All of the requests made regarding LiveID should include the header(s) listed below:

  • Content-Type: application/json


Identify a customer!


Starts an authentication attempt where the customer can recieve an authentication link in three different ways. You can use one or multiple ways of getting the authentication link to the customer at once, those ways are:

  • SMS - Customer recieves an sms with the authentication link.
  • Email - Customer recieves an email with the authentication link.
  • PartyUrl - We always return the url to you in the response here for you to share with your customer in what ever way fits your way of working best.

/liveid/swedishbankid (legacy)

Starts a swedish bankid authentiation attempt. Allowing the customer to directly open their bankid app and verify their identity. Swedish bankid is also available via /liveid/start.

Get the status of an on-going authentication

  • /liveid/status

Retrieves the authentication status of an on-going authentication. If the authentication has timed out (10 minutes) there will be no information available here, but the result of the authentication can still be seen in the liveid log at

Working with the eID Providers in different Environments

Supported eID Providers

eID Provider Country
Telia Sweden
BankID Sweden
Tupas Finland
Mobiilivarmenne Finland
VRK Finland
BankID Norway
BankID Mobile Norway
NemID til Private (POCES) Denmark
NemID Medarbejdersignatur (MOCES) Denmark

Test Environment

The LiveID Test Environment connects with the different eID Providers’ test services. You have the option to use to this environment if you want to try out one or more eID Provider using test certificates. Since each eID Provider have different ways of authenticating users (software, mobile, etc.) they way to get a hold of test certificates are also specific to each eID Provider. Swedish BankID (Svenskt BankID)

Swedish BankID (Svenskt BankID)

To test Swedish BankID you need to download a test certificate at

Certificates are available both for mobile and computer use. Instructions on how to install the BankID software and the test certificate are found at

Swedish Telia

Telia uses a software called Net iD that can be downloaded at

Get test certificates at

Net iD works in IE in Windows.